Beginners guide to Airsoft

Ever wanted to get into Airsoft but weren’t sure what it’s all about? Then look no further, as we present the “Beginner’s Guide To Airsoft”.
In this piece we’ll give you the ins and outs on everything you need to know before stepping out onto the battle field for the first time.
This will include a full rundown of the equipment you’ll need, such as body armour and face masks to make sure you’re protected against any incoming projectiles. Guns and bullets, to give you an understanding of the differences between Paintball and Airsoft. And also some tips on a few basic Airsoft tactics as well as some useful hand signals to give your team the edge on your opponents.
So what are you waiting for? Read on and discover the world of Airsoft!


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Movies Vs Games: Shoot’em Ups

Some movies spawn games, some games spawn movies: but which adaptation is the best?

That’s the question we’re asking in this comparison infographic below.

If you’re a massive movie & gaming fan, the prospect of an adaptation of one of your favourite shoot ‘em up movies/games will always be met with huge amounts of excitement, coated with sheer dread.

Below are a list of classic movies and games being compared to their big screen or button bashing counter parts.

Will the adaptations do as well as the original? Will they exceed them and take the stories to new levels? Or will they crash and burn and never be spoken of again?

We’ll also give you a breakdown of the signature gun used in each of the movies/games as well as some fun facts you may not have known about these epic titles.

shootem up movies Vs Games

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